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Watering Can of Love

I am here to be a watering can, watering the seeds of remembering, holding the buds of letting go.

I am not there to weed out the illusions, that is the role for Divine Truth.

I water the inspiration to heed the still eternal silence within, to encourage hearing the song of love calling All Home to Source; To Reality that there is no separation in the Oneness of the Whole.

The sun appears to set and rise: The Eternal is Unchanging.

The moon appears to wax and wane: The Truth is Constant.

The seasons appear to roll into the next one, days turn into years, decades into centuries:

Reality is without beginning nor end.

The cycles of birth into death and back into birth repeat themselves in what appears to be life: God’s Creation is Life Eternal where there is no birth or death.

My role - if there could be such a thing in Maya, is to water the seeds of true forgiveness that leads to true awakening.

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