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To say you ‘know’ is to not be at peace. When asked, “Would you rather be right or happy?,” we conditionally say happy - because that is what is ‘right.’ Yet, if we are truthful with ourselves, then we’d realize we would rather be right. This is stealing peace from ourselves.

To be right may momentarily feel like happiness, for we perceive that we have convinced the other (doesn't matter the tactic used) to agree with us. A false sense of joining happens.

What is false joining?

It is the perception that we are not alone. By getting someone to agree with us on anything can feel affirming, like we are connected on some commonality. That brief connection can bring a sense of happiness, but it is fleeting. Because we can’t truly know if our brother and/or sister fully agree, that sense of being on the same page quickly wanes and so we try once again to prove to the other we are right. The temporary happiness may last a minute, a day, a year, but it won’t last a lifetime. Doubt WILL seep in and the impulse to be right WILL push through.

This is not peace.

True peace lies in not knowing what is right.

How does that work? It can be said that we have rules and laws, even commandments to tell us what is right. Let me ask you, have following any of the rules, laws and commandments brought peace? Maybe it has brought peace between individuals, even nations for a brief period of time, still, history confirms that peace is not lasting.

It is not lasting because each individual is clamoring to have their OWN truth be known, thereby being right, which often opposes and even suppresses the truth of someone else - who in turn wants their truth to be known and to convince their brothers and sisters of it! This creates constant conflict between individuals, no wonder nations are at war.

So if peace lies in not knowing, what is it that is not known? What is not known is Who You Are! The truth of who you are as you understand it, is NOT the truth: For you see yourselves as conflicted, one day a sinner, the next day a saint. The Truth of Who You Are doesn’t vacillate so wildly, for it is Constant in its Perfection.

Peace emerges naturally as the mind remembers its True Origin. When asked, “Would you rather be right or happy?,” your response for happiness won’t be a conditioned one. You WILL KNOW THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE and have no need to convince anyone of the truth so as to not feel isolated. You KNOW that you are not separate from your brothers and sisters, thus you know you ARE on the same page.

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