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Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is an illusion, a ruse designed to keep the perceiver looking outward for confirmation. The Mandela Effect is named after an observation that people had regarding Nelson Mandela, did he or did he not die in prison. The internet is replete with many examples and I have had my own experience of them. How are they an illusion?

A symbol from the Divine, a gift that represents greater awareness of God’s Presence, won’t ever happen has a Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is not designed to remind the receiver of the total and awesome presence of Eternal Love; they are designed to give confirmation of a shifting of consciousness that gives the receiver the perception of evolving to a higher state of being. God doesn’t manipulate anything of the universe, for God is not responsible for the creation of the universe. Evolution is also an illusion, for God’s creation cannot evolve, as it is already perfect and complete.

The ruse of the Mandela Effect is to keep one looking outward for that confirmation that distracts them from where true awakening happens; from within the mind. It is here that a choice is made: To choose to hear the nearly inaudible Voice for Divine Love or the caustic drone of ego mind that tells us “we’ll never be good enough,” “be fearful of God and God’s punishment,” “you are not worthy of love.” Even those who have tempered that voice will find, if they are still and silent enough, hidden judgments and projections just below the surface of conscious thought.

The mind doesn’t want you to be still and silent enough to hear the Voice for God, so devises techniques such as the Mandela Effect to lull you into a temporary sense of attainment of something higher. This outward looking keeps on trapped: Thus perpetuating lifetimes, loops of doing the same things over and over again, karma.

The only way to break free is to choose, which voice will you listen to?

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