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God's Child

“I am as God created me. God’s Children cannot suffer. I am a Child of God.”

God did not create suffering, nor pain, nor injustice, not sin. If God created these attributes and all that are of like resonance, then hell would be real and damnation eternal. Happy tidings brothers and sisters! Hell is NOT real and damnation NEVER eternal. What is eternal is the Peace of God and the Joy of Everlasting Love.

This is a choice, the choice between Heaven and hell. When we choose to hold our brothers and sisters responsible for the sins of the world, we see a world of hell; where there are winners and losers, murder, rape, genocide, sickness, famine, war… the manifestations appear limitless. When we hold our brothers and sisters in hell, we are holding ourselves, for as we project we secretly believe we are within. Every single time hate is chosen instead of love is but one step deeper into hell. Every instance that love and kindness is offered is a step towards Light and Peace.

It does NOT MATTER the form of action, word, or thought taken by a brother or sister, it is but a call for love and any answer that is not love is a confirmation that we are in hell.

A common question raised is ‘what about a man like Hitler’ or any other despot who committed unspeakable acts, or the sadist who takes pleasure in exercising grotesque deeds upon another. Are they worthy of love? Are they forgivable for the harm they committed against humanity? The answer is YES! We are in hell brothers and sisters, this kind of thing happens in hell! When we see these ‘manifestations’ of evil, it is proof we are in hell and the only way to leave is through LOVE! The Light of Christ is in each and everyone of our brothers and sisters, when we choose to see that instead of their illusory sins then we see that Heaven is already HERE. Heaven is NOT a destination that we suffer through life to get to. Hell is NOT a punishment for not living the ‘right’ life, obedient to a projection of a God we simultaneously love and fear. Heaven is before our eyes RIGHT NOW and it is reflected in every face we encounter: the clerk at the store, the man sitting on the street corner asking for change, your Lyft driver, the mother nursing her baby, and yes, the person who is right now committing a crime.

We choose if we are in Heaven or hell by the way we perceive our brothers and sisters. Do you keep them in hell with you? - or - Do YOU liberate them, thereby liberating YOURSELF?

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