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There are 2 kinds of giving in the world today. One is True Giving, in which the joy of the recipient brings joy to the giver; even if the recipient isn’t as ‘excited’ about the gift, the giver still feels joyful for giving. The second kind is when the recipient isn’t as excited as the giver would want, and the giver, while still smiling, is feeling something that is the opposite of joy.

Two personal examples come to mind. The true giving happened one Christmast when I bought a partner a wooden model car. As soon as I had the idea I was excited, I knew it was something he’d love and my joy watching him build it still brings a smile to my face. The other was a baby blanket I made for a nephew. As I knitted and even stitched his name, I was imagining how grand it would be and how much my brother and sister-in-law would adore it. When given, their reaction was not in accord with my expectations, so even though I smiled, I still resented the gift. When asked to make one for their second child, I didn’t. I told myself that I was too busy and forgot about it till guilt brought it back to my mind, so I found another reason for not doing it. It is as I write this that I understand why I didn't complete the blanket, it was because I didn’t truly give the first one. I essentially bargained: I give you this and you acknowledge something special about me. Since the bargain wasn’t made, I didn’t bargain again with another ‘gift.’

As I see this within myself, I don’t feel anger at myself or with my brother and sister-in-law. I didn’t understand the types of giving. I forgive my ignorance and choose from where I give today. Do I ‘give’ in order to receive something my ego wants or do I truly give and receive fully the joy of sharing the love which inspired the gift?

When I choose to share the love in which the gift was inspired, I feel fully the love of Source. God GIVES FULLY ALL the gifts of Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Freedom… and asks for NOTHING in return. My FULL acceptance is celebrated by God and God responds with Perfect Joy for my Happiness. God NEVER demands nor asks for suffering or pain as the price for Eternal Life. When we GIVE TRULY to our brothers and sisters, we share God’s message of Life-Everlasting. Heaven is remembered in our giving to our brothers and sisters because the love that is shared reflects the Perfect Harmony of Heaven.

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