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Fear is not real. Its capacity to grip the illusion with vivid intensity is to an illusion. God did not create fear, fear is not an eternal state. For God to create fear would be that God is cruel, for what God creates is eternal. Thus, for God to create fear would make the experience of fear as eternal, with no beginning or end, never wavering in intensity. That is what some beliefs call hell, an eternity of suffering. Within the mind, that is beyond time and space, the creator of the universe, there is a seemingly eternal experience of fear and suffering. Namely the perceived absence of God.

God did not create this state, it was ignorantly and voluntarily chosen by the mind, not Mind to know itself, not Self, without God. That experience is hell. What birthed from that experience (again, not of God since it can be born) is the universe as its known: 14 billion years and an equally unfathomable distance, all the dimensions and dark matter filling the void of cosmic space: The universe, an escape for the mind to not experience existence without God. An illusion that cannibalizes itself lifetime after lifetime to escape a torment which only exists as a dream within the dreamer. The dreamer being a fraction of the Truth that can believe it to be separate from the whole and in that belief maintains its individuality.

When the dream ends and that dreamer awakens the universe disappears.

Then only: God Is.

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